The kitchen is a sacred place. Whether you cook, laugh, hangout, drink, create, or sneak down here for a midnight snack, the kitchen is a special place for everyone. I’m sure you’re always full of kitchen remodeling ideas, just like we are!

Maybe you already have your dream kitchen remodel in mind. You’ve been dreaming about it for years — you have a thorough Pinterest board with ideas. Or maybe you have the budget and need for kitchen remodeling services, but you don’t know what design to go with.

Either way, we have you covered. This will guide you through all your kitchen transformation needs.

This is going to be a great inspiration for your kitchen! Whether a partial or full remodel, the designs and trends will help.

Where to Begin With Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Choosing kitchen remodeling services can be overwhelming, but even the smallest changes have large transformative capabilities. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It sets the ambiance for gatherings that involve family, friends, and food. 

Your kitchen should be a place of comfort, serenity, and vibrance…oh and delicious food of course. 

This is how you can make that happen.

  • Paint

Freshening up the kitchen with a new coat of paint is a relatively easy way to transform your kitchen. Rather than picking trendy colors that will go out of style within the next year, choose colors that make you happy. Light blue, for example, is psychologically associated with trustworthiness, reliability, and tranquility. You could go for a timeless white — which an easy way to brighten up your kitchen. Or, if you really want to elevate the mood and happiness of the kitchen you can go for a sunflower yellow.

To make an even larger transformation, paint the cabinets a different color. Even just repainting it the same color after it has been stained, faded, and worn down over the years is another way to revamp the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to accent your freshly painted walls. 

  • Update the Cabinets

Replacing the cabinets is a larger project, but truly can alter the entire look of your kitchen. If you still have cabinets from the 90s, maybe this option is for you.

But if you don’t want to spend the time and money in those efforts, then you can go for cabinet refacing. All that you have to do is replace the outfacing surfaces of the cabinets rather than tearing them out and starting from scratch. Replacing the drawer fronts is sufficient. This alone will make your kitchen look and feel brand new.

Kitchen remodeling ideas for cabinets
Picture of kitchen backsplash and sink
  • Add a Backsplash

Installing a kitchen backsplash in an ideal feature to upgrade your kitchen. It is low cost and easy to apply — you can apply it over an existing surface. Because the tile can cover a large space, it can have a large visual impact on your kitchen.

Some tile, like Spanish and Moroccan inspired designs, will surely add vibrancy and flair to your kitchen. There are thousands of tile shapes, designs, and colors that will enhance the current state of your kitchen.

You don’t have to stick to a traditional tile either, get creative and integrate wallpaper, laminate flooring, or veneer stone into the backsplash.

  • Replace the Countertops

Depending on how much you want to spend, there is a countertop for every budget. High quality, durable, scratch-resistant countertops will require a few extra dollars. Quartz countertops is one of those surfaces.

You can also consider marble, laminate, concrete, stainless steel, and wood for other options. Your marbles and quartz are going to be the most expensive while concrete is on the lower end of the price spectrum. Whatever works for you, in terms of price and style, will make a huge change in the kitchen.

  • Switch up the Lighting Fixtures

Often overlooked, swapping out the lighting can surprisingly transform the kitchen too. A larger more on-trend lighting system can modernize the entire space.

This can be as simple as just adding more light into the space. You can install large pendant lights, chandeliers, vintage fixtures, or you can choose a more subtle option and install under cabinet lighting.

  • Update Appliances and Cookware

Splurging on a new set of cookware and appliances is a remodel within itself. This is especially great if you are an avid cook. Using new appliances and utensils can make it feel like you are cooking a 5-star meal at a Michelin restaurant. It also makes the kitchen look cleaner and more together. 

You can even use new cookware as decor. If you want to show of your new copper potwarel, just install a hanging rack over the island or by the stove, wherever is best suitable for your kitchen, and hang the pots that you want to show off. This is a nice feature for quick accessibility too. Let’s get to cooking.

  • Change the Design and Decor

Even just rearranging and replacing decor will have an effect on the overall design of the kitchen. Here are some ideas:

  • Add plants and warm colors. House plants liven up the kitchen. It is refreshing to be reminded of life when you are cooking or gather in this space. Adding decor with brighter and warmer colors will compliment the plants nicely
  • Open design. Maximize the space in the kitchen by storing most of the appliances and cookware. This provides a clean open space that is great for entertainment…oh and a lot of space for cooking too.
  • Natural earth tones. The colors of the earth never really go out of style. Neutrals provide a relaxed environment and a warm atmosphere. These are your soft browns, tans, oranges, reds, and blues. To guide the color palette, imagine the natural colors found in dirt, grass, moss, tree, rocks…
  • Mixed materials. Wood, marble, concrete, leather…a layered environment is interesting if done right. There is a juxtaposition in pairing marble and wood together — it is an odd pair that integrates nicely. A over-the-top matching kitchen can be somewhat overbearing and unwelcoming.
Kitchen remodeling ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and beyond

A full kitchen remodel costs $24,984 on average or $150 per square foot, but this can change geographically. Don’t let that stop your kitchen remodeling ideas and dreams! Whether you are planning a full remodel or a less invasive redesign, there are important things to consider and ways to make a remodel affordable. 

  1. Designate a budget. It is important to know how much you are willing to spend beforehand. This shapes decisions about what type of remodeling options are available for you.
  2. Stick to your layout. During the renovation process, it is best to keep the general layout. Don’t move systems like plumbing, gas, and electrical. You can move cabinetry and even islands to change the layout as long as those systems are in place.
  3. Don’t forget to calculate the appliances and lighting into the plans. Often lighting and appliances require additional construction or special requirements that need to be worked in. For example, hoods and dishwasher installations require extensive planning.

There truly is no place like home. An extensive kitchen remodel or slight design update can truly transform the space. You deserve a kitchen that you want to spend time in. This should be a place where you celebrate life, food, and company.

No matter what degree of remodeling you undertake, Palm Beach Gardens Kitchen Pros has you covered. We create with you every step of the way. We respect your budget as well. 

Are you ready to cook in the kitchen of your dreams? Contact us for a free quote.