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Before you begin your upcoming home improvement project, know what styles are in. With our handy bathroom remodeling guide, you can enjoy a modern renovation at affordable costs. Palm Beach Garden Kitchen Pros sees plenty of houses and their cooking spaces. Because of this, we also know what works and what doesn’t work for gorgeous bathroom design.

Continue reading to learn about which items suit your property the best. Soon, you’ll have all the answers to the questions you seek for:

  • Storage Cabinets
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Toilets/Commodes
  • Sinks and Faucets
  • Vanities and Basins
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Showers and Tubs
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Walls and Flooring
  • Windows and Doors

Whatever you plan to add or tear out, we can guide you.  When in doubt, you can always hire us to handle all the heavy lifting.

How to Remodel a Bathroom

Reading a bathroom remodeling guide is a good first step, it does take experience to complete the project. These living spaces are complicated to renovate as they have many utility lines. Before you begin ripping things from the walls, consider your total working budget. Some items are more cost-effective to keep than to get rid of.

You can complete a full bathroom remodeling project or specific items. Sometimes, just eliminating outdated fixtures can breathe new life into your bathroom. You shouldn’t begin work until you have your total bathroom remodel cost estimate. Then, replace what items must go first, leaving cosmetic parts last.

Your Best Bathroom Remodel Planning Guide 2020

The secret to home remodeling isn’t what you spend, but what works the best. Plenty of bathroom renovation projects have been derailed by being overly ambitious. Rather than converting your master bathroom into a palace, make sure it works. When you don’t have enough storage, elbow room, or ample lighting, it’s a wash.

When you make common mistakes, it also doesn’t help you feel any better. By then, you feel like you should have known, making the situation worse.

Continue reading our helpful hints for a better bathroom remodeling experience. Or, find the design elements you enjoy best and have our contractors install them.

Keep Toilets Hidden

You may have noticed that modern homes offer a water closet more frequently. Gone are the shared bathrooms of the past with a toilet in the center. When you keep toilets hidden, it makes the room cleaner and more functional. Plus, more than one person can use it at once, as intended. Using the extra space actually makes the room itself seem larger. It’s a huge win-win, and one that keeps your property looking youthful.

Over-Budget for Problems

No remodeling project is perfect, but you can count on surprise costs. When you plan for unexpected mishaps, it keeps your job on budget. Common issues are ruined drywall, water leaks, outdated plumbing, and electrical wiring. However, budgeting in advance will make these roadblocks an easy challenge. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, and your project will sail smoothly. It’s when you don’t know what to plan for that the bottom falls out.

Choose Durable Surfaces

Your bathroom is among the most used rooms inside of your home, so choosing a weak countertop will only wear out sooner from daily use. Laminate is cheap, but wears out quickly, while natural stone costs a fortune. Consider a solid-surface countertop or natural concrete for long-lasting surfaces that are affordable. Balancing your surfaces’ appearance and durability is a tough decision. Don’t rush the process, and find the right one for your needs.

Use Natural Lighting

Some lighting fixtures are pricey, and they might not offer much illumination. Instead, you may consider using a skylight or glass block wall. These options allow sunlight in without prying eyes for softer, natural light all day. Don’t forget, though, to compensate for when the sun sets to avoid late-night mishaps. Although some lighting is necessary, let the sun do the hard work. Your utility bill will also thank you for making the change in the end.

The Shower Takes Priority

More and more homeowners are discovering that taking a bath isn’t quite so relaxing. They use tons of water and it cools off quickly, not to mention other health concerns. Instead, install a walk-in shower that is spacious and easy to enter. You’ll find that a relaxing rinse is far better than a soak most often. You can find lots of enclosures that are affordably priced per square foot, and they are often easy enough to customize with tiles, mosaics, and built-in shelves.

Functional Bathroom Vanities Over Style

Where are you supposed to rest your phone, makeup, and your hairdryer? Worst yet is a shared master bathroom with countertops covered in clutter. A top upgrade to consider is improving your storage space from cramped surfaces. Whether you prefer a double sink or a single one, you have lots of options. Finally, upgrading to stain-resistant caulking will make weekly cleaning chores a breeze. Although pricier, it leaves your bathroom looking new for longer.

Don’t Ignore Ventilation Needs

While it might not be your shower tub, it is something you will use frequently. Proper ventilation allows you to disperse odors, ambient humidity, and cleaning fumes. Standard fans are ideal for bathrooms 100 square feet or fewer. Other sizes exist for larger restrooms as well. Another consideration to make is the amount of noise the fan produces. You could find yourself with one that feels deafening while in use.

Custom Fixtures or Standard Ones?

Fully customizing your bathroom is a tempting offer, but usually, one that isn’t worth it. Unless you have an unusual size space, you likely want standard purchases. Some items, like medicine cabinets, are usually straightforward, some do require extra effort. Even upgrading your shower tub could have additional costs you didn’t know about. When in doubt, keep things simple and rely on standard fixtures. Or, work with a contractor who builds and installs them for you.

Balance Color & Design Styles

What’s great about newer bathrooms is that they don’t settle for bland colors. Gone are the days of white-only walls, floor, ceilings, and fixtures. Contemporary bathrooms don’t shy from paint or tile murals and mosaics. Combined with natural lighting, you can achieve a zen washroom experience without much effort. Lean into elements that leave you feeling calm and at ease. Also, don’t leave out solid colors like black or white, but accent with them instead.

Stick to the Plan

More than one homeowner has been sucked into a money hole with renovation projects. When you don’t adhere to your plan, the job never ends and only gets pricier. You must know when to continue spending, and where to cut things off. Otherwise, it becomes a hazard to both your health and lifestyle. Focus on items that absolutely need to go to guarantee a transformation. Trying to upgrade everything and anything only leads to more frustrations.

How to Get Inspired

Before you can begin planning, you need a muse for your bathroom designs. Where do you get started, and without looking like a copycat?

The first place is trade magazines and showrooms, or even your nearest hardware store. Also, finding a single fixture you can’t live without is enough to get going. Once you have a sharper idea of how to start, you can choose what changes. You may only need new lights and floors, or a complete rebuild.

Call Us for Bathroom Remodels

Not everyone is skilled at bathroom remodeling projects. When in doubt, hire Palm Beach Garden Kitchen Pros.