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Home remodeling is a great way to boost the value of your investment, bring new life to your property, and feel comfortable with the place that you call home. If our service pages did not answer all of your questions, we have a brief FAQ that tackles a few of the most-asked questions from home and business owners.

If you are not sure where to start, take a look over our FAQ. If you still have questions concerning our services, do not hesitate to give us a call!

What Is The Typical Cost Of Kitchen Remodeling?2020-08-25T23:06:08+00:00

Kitchen Remodeling Can Cost Anywhere from $15,000 to $125,000 depending on the materials and complexity of the job. We do not take on work under $15,000.

How Long Have Your Been Remodeling Kitchens In Palm Beach Gardens?2020-10-05T13:52:44+00:00

Our team has been remodeling hundreds of kitchens around Palm Beach Gardens Florida for the last 7 years. We have an amazing team and reliable craftsmanship that our customers can depend on.

Am I able to collaborate with the design team if I have specific requests?2020-02-03T17:22:27+00:00

Of course. Our job is to take your vision and make it a reality. While our contractors are comfortable with designing, planning, and building the entire scope of the project, we are always here to accommodate desired plans, styles, appliances, colors, and building materials. Whatever dream you have, rest assured that we can build it!

Will my home or business be in safe hands?2020-10-05T13:49:15+00:00

Absolutely! As a reputable contractor, we have decades of experience in building and hiring honest professionals. Our strict code of conduct disallows loud music and smoking, and all of our professionals are licensed to do the work they are hired to do. With a five-star rating on multiple online platforms, we guarantee the best in home remodeling in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the greater Palm Beach area.

Do I need to worry about any permits?2020-02-03T17:21:55+00:00

Our company will take care of everything. From planning and permitting, to site planning and design, we have you covered. Attached HERE is the Palm Beach County Building Code. An understanding of your local regulations and permitting is not required when you work with us, but it can help if you want to understand the entire process to a higher degree.

How much does an average remodeling job cost?2020-02-03T17:21:35+00:00

Since jobs vary widely in price and size, your best bet is to contact us and schedule a free estimate.

Is your company licensed and insured?2020-02-03T17:21:19+00:00

Yes. We take it one step further; we are licensed, insured, and bonded. Bonded simply means that you are protected against any and all losses if a company fails to meet contractual obligations. This offers a foolproof guarantee that the work will be completed to your exact specifications. Licensed means that all of our professionals have been certified and tested to make sure that they can perform the work to our high standards, while insured means that both ourselves and the client are protected from legal issues.

Do you serve areas besides Palm Beach Gardens, FL?2020-02-03T17:20:42+00:00

Yes! We have remodeled houses all over Palm Beach County. We have completed projects in Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Wellington, Boca Raton, West Palm, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Lake Worth.

How can I find a reputable home remodeler and designer?2020-02-03T17:19:04+00:00

Ideally, any respectable contractor will be licensed, insured, and bonded to protect the client from any damages or issues (like leaky pipes) while the job is taking place. Any great remodeler will not have to explain how great they are; ask for references, read online reviews, and do your research! When you schedule a consultation, remember to ask as many questions as possible about the renovation that you have in mind.

How long does the average home remodeling job take?2020-08-25T23:03:03+00:00

A Kitchen Bathroom or cabinet resurfacing job can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. We have a local showroom where you can select your design elements. We take pride in sticking to timelines and meeting our customer’s needs.

Does Your Remodeling Team Take Health Precautions?2020-08-25T23:00:49+00:00

Palm Beach Gardens Kitchen Pros wears safety masks and regularly washes our tools and equipment to make sure that we are as safe as possible. We even do video walk throughs of your home if that makes you more comfortable. Our showroom is also 100% sanitized.

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